5. Today’s US Military-CIA Social and Psychological Operation, beyond MK Ultra

psycho-technological operations, civilians, the so called gang stalking

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Before beginning, this writer will clearify two terms: 1. psychotechnologies; 2. gang stalking

  1. psychotechnologies: the term used by Russians, refers to methods for influencing human subjects, and groups, more specifically, non-lethal technologies developed and capable of influencing behaviors, as well as interfering with, and or controlling, neurological functioning from a distance. They include electromagnetic based, ultra low frequency based, Radio Frequency, Pulsed Microwave. Delivery systems include over the horizon radar, satellite, systems that exploit the ionosphere. Behavior Influencing Technologies, Mind Invasive Technologies, and Non-lethal weapons, are terms found used in various sources, such as Colin A. Ross, MD, Carol Smith, psychoanalyst, though Peter Phillips, and his collegues at Senoma University, as well as the cited work by Cheryl Welsh, of U of C at Davis, uses the term Electromagnetic Weapons.
  2. Gang Stalking: unconfirmed reports of a secret persecusion of an individual, by a worldwide secret well connected group of people who are by nature, socio-pathic, and use portable electronic harassment equipment. Otherwise, a fiction, that includes internet sources, victims, websites, and organization, all phony, to distort the perception of, distract the attention of, and harass, an unwitting subject of, CIA-Military non-lethal surveillance based and harassment operation.  (searches on google using the term result in 1000s of results, most with no way to confirm as being authentic.  )   

Civilians, unwittingly used, in daily life, for surveillance based psycho-technological operations.  

Unwitting subjects claiming that the military or CIA are exercising surveillance and harassment operations within cities and towns, and using avarage citizens, as well as trained individuals, to conduct such, are unconfirmed, although accounts on the internet are more than numerous. The likelihood these internet accounts and websites claiming to expose such, reflects the reality of these real CIA-MILITARY REMOTE BEHAVIORAL OPERATIONS is doubtful, for it would mean thousands of these so called electronic mind control/gang stalking are in operation. The reality, most likely, is that many of these websites, as well as accounts, regarding such operations are set up in one way or another, by these operations, to distract the unknown number of unwitting subjects, as well as to create a realm of information that will be interpreted as fantastic and unbelievable by the general public, thus relegating any true information regarding these operations, to the realm of the paranormal, making them much like UFO abduction accounts.   

 There are no sources, seeking to clearify whether the misuse of these technologies are indeed crippling the lives of unwitting subjects, but one can known for certain, that an unknown number of indiviudals, here in the US are isolated, discredited, and have no recourse against the crimes committed, and the daily disruptions, coming from a near total control of interaction, association, transaction, home enviroment. These crimes range from medical fraud to daily influence of businesses. Banks, hosptials, schools, property owners, are all directred in ways, to commit fraud; invade privacy; and invade rented or owned space for ongoing theft and disruption of belonging. That is a reality for an unknown number of what has been described on internet sources as gang stalking or covert harassment. Indeed, these terms themselves distort a reality that perhaps has existed for decades, which is the use of technologies to invade and interfere with the physiological and nuerological functioning of a human subject, while subjects are isolated and discredited. 

The use of trained individuals who will live in proximity of the subject, for daily, unheard of noise disruptions, and a standardized form of surveillance based harassment in public, covert in nature, does exist here in the US, with goals of inducing trauma, stress, and even violence. Psychiatry is used to discredit the subject, so if and when a violent, even murderous act is committed, due to protracted cruelty, and non-lethal technology, a history of mental illness, however  false, will be imprinted. Using non-lethal technologies, these operations are surveillance based, and establishes local law enforcement as a neutrual entity, in regards to the unwitting subject, thus allowing for the unheard of abuses, never to be reported.  

This kind of operation, being done to an unconfirmed number of  free citizens, may be one manifestation of the heritage adopted by US intelligence and military, and coming from the handbooks on human experimentation, handed from Nazi Germany, to the CIA and the Pentagon, by Josef Mengele and Hubertus Strughold (A.). 

A. Hubertus Strughold, and Human Experiments, the ADL takes action: http://www.adl.org/presrele/holna_52/4918_52.htm

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